At the end of November I put together my Fall/Winter sewing plans, excited to have pieces that would all work together. I made the first top — a True Bias Nikko Turtleneck — and realized that I needed them in all the colors. So I’ve used much of my sewing time doing just that, rather than making the other items in my list. I now have an olive turtleneck, as well as black, brown, paprika, and navy — all in heavy rotation.

I’ve made some progress with several of the other things on my list, but got stuck with a fitting failure on the pants I was hoping to make.

Then along came the Great Module Sew-along, an instagram challenge to make a small capsule wardrobe (3 tops, 2 bottoms and a topper) by the end of March. It’s hosted by Whitney (TomKatStitchery on youtube and @tomkatstitcherycarmel on instagram) and Carla (Stay Stitching on youtube and @carlamayfield5 on instagram). It’s been inspiring to watch what other sewists have planned to make, and are already making. I decided to join in, to give me a nudge to make more progress on my Fall/Winter plan.

I’m modifying my original plan a bit to fit into the challenge format. They are loose with the rules, so items you’ve already made are allowed. Here’s my fabric choices

Fabric choices for The Great Module Sewalong

From the top:

  1. Flannel for a button up (vogue 8772)
  2. Wool jersey for a turtleneck (True Bias Nikko)
  3. Flannel for another button up (vogue 8772)
  4. Ultra suede for a skirt (hack of new look 6106)
  5. Wool flannel bottom weight for pants (Deer & Doe narcisse)
  6. Boiled wool for a cropped jacket (Decades of Style 3’s a charm)

I’m a bit unsure of the fabric choices for the 2 button ups — the greens aren’t quite right and I don’t know if they’ll fit under the cropped jacket. But we’ll see…

And sketches I made of the (hopefully) resulting outfits.

Sketches of my six outfits for The Great Module Sewalong

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